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How we can help you

There are many different ways that we can help you with your issues, our aim is to teach you skills and techniques to help you manage everyday ups and downs. We have a wide range of options including one-to-one, face-to-face, telephone,  virtual online,  apps, therapy and courses. Our staff can discuss with you which option would be better for you.

Refer yourself

If you would like to refer yourself today, please follow the link below to be taken to a short assessment. It should take around 10- 15 minutes and will ask lots of questions about your current situation, these questions will help our therapists get a picture of your current mental health and they will be able to discuss the best course of treatment for you.

When you have completed your referral, you will then hear from the service within two working days.

Continue to assessment

Have a GP or professional refer you

If you prefer your GP or a health professional can make a referral on your behalf with your permission. They can go through the assessment with you.

Information for professionals

Getting help straight away with SilverCloud

Did you know you can access therapy online today without completing an assessment? You can access our online therapy programme – SilverCloud straight away. SilverCloud is a website and app that has tools to help with your mental well-being. The app has been designed by experts and can help you manage your mental well-being right at home.

Find out about SilverCloud


We also offer a range of workshops to help with common day-to-day mental health issues. Workshops are usually 2 hours long these are virtual and held on Microsoft Teams.

Registering for a workshop or SilverCloud does not affect your referral and you can still refer yourself at any time using the link below.

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